Screw Puzzle


In the game, players need to perform screw-driving challenges according to the level scenes. You need to choose different screw-driving skills according to different levels. There are many interesting gameplays for players to experience. Friends who like it, please come and play! Main Puzzle Hit the play button to enter the main game. In this game mode, your goal is to make all of the metal plates, bars, and washers drop from the board. Tap on the screws to twist them free. Then, tap an empty hole on the board to move the screw there. Unscrewed pieces with drop away. Some screws will have a lock on them. Collect the key to remove the lock. Jigsaw Mission In this game mode, you have to move around the screws and sliders to manipulate the pieces. Your goal is to recreate the picture shown in the metal panel above the puzzle board. Jigsaw Puzzles In this game mode, you have to move the items from the tray onto the empty board to recreate the picture shown in the top right corner. Finally, move the screws to the right holes and tighten them to fasten everything into place.


Click the screw to take it then click the hole to drop it down. Release all the metal plates.







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